The Work of Missionaries in Nepal, 송웅호 선교사

출발일자 : 4월25일~5월15일

사역내용 : 히말라야선교센터 완공을 위한 선교비 전달과 영적제자훈련(50명)

할렐루야! 주님의 은혜로 제3차 GMC선교대회를 마치게 하시고 제55차 GMC선교 네팔사역을 위하여 출발하게 됨을 감사드립니다. 특히 감사한 것은 이순 목사와 송이레 사모가 은퇴와 결혼50주년을 기념하여 히말라야선교센터 3층 게스트 숙소와 채플 건축 완공을 위하여 선교헌금 해주심을 감사드립니디. 할렐루야!

사진 3- 선교건축헌금전달

GMC(대표 송웅호 선교사) 제55차 선교사역 출발을 위한 기도요청

출발일자 : 4월25일~5월15일
사역내용 : 히말라야선교센터 완공을 위한 선교비 전달과 영적제자훈련(50명)

할렐루야! 주님의 은혜로 제3차 GMC선교대회를 마치게 하시고 제55차 GMC선교 네팔사역을 위하여 출발하게 됨을 감사드립니다. 특히 감사한 것은 이순 목사와 송이레 사모가 은퇴와 결혼50주년을 기념하여 히말라야선교센터 3층 게스트 숙소와 채플 건축 완공을 위하여 선교헌금 해주심을 감사드립니디. 할렐루야!

그리고 네팔의 히말라야 선교훈련원 2층 지붕공사 완료를 위해 헌금해 주었던 정이녹 권사와 최정훈 집사 부부가 추가로 2층 벽체공사와 방 3개 완공을 위해 선교헌금 해주심을 감사드립니다. 드디어 올 10월 초에 히말라야훈련원 3층이 완공됩니다. 할렐루야!

부족한 저의 마지막 선교사역지 히말라야선교를 위하여 관심과 기도와 후원을 바랍니다. 히말라야산맥이 연결되는 네팔ㆍ인도ㆍ부탄ㆍ방글라데시 지역 입니다. 특히 선교사의 발길이 닿기 어려운 지역입니다. 후원해주신 헌금은 현지 지도자훈련ㆍ오지교회건축ㆍ신학교학생 장학금지원 그리고 난민사역을 위하여 사용됩니다.

성공적인 55차사역을 위하여 기도해주시기를 바랍니다. 송웅호선교사 드림

사진 1- 네팔 카트만두 제자훈련 세미나 성료


The Work of Missionaries in Nepal 

Rev. Umesh Limbu

Many Christian Organizations still exist in Nepal and bear the Christian names.

1. United mission to Nepal – (UMN)

2. International Nepal Fellowship (INF)

3. Nepal Leprosy Trust

4. Youth for Christ

5. Team Mission

6. Campus Crusade for Christ

7. Operation Mobilization

8. Gospel for Asia

9. International Needs

These all Mission Organizations have contributed a lot to Nepal and its people. Especially in Christian society it has done a remarkable job in Nepal. These organizations were boldly active in both social and Christian mission work. They were successfully able to established mission hospitals, education center like schools and boarding schools, Christian orphanage homes, engineering training center, lively hood trainings, medical training etc.

Apart from this missionary and mission organization was very much active in helping in church activities like in evangelism, preaching, teaching, training Christian leadership, giving them biblical education and helping them in translation and also teaching in seminaries. Todays the work done by these Christian organizations were very much successful and appreciable.

In Nepal Church planting ministry is also very much successful and almost all missionaries are involved directly or indirectly in this ministry. Now at this 21st century by the help of Holy Spirit and his called one missionary almost every district of Nepal the church is established. This is the major successful ministry of our local and foreign missionaries in Nepal.

Dawn Nepal gives us the clear idea that in Nepal every district church has established. By seeing the church in every district of Nepal I can say proudly the Christianity is growing rapidly in Nepal. Church in Nepal is growing fast like mushrooms. Nepal is known as the fastest growing nation in Christianity in the world. By the help of mission organizations, missionaries, local leaders and believers God is opening the way for the gospel and the church is growing day by day by the help of Holy Spirit.

I would like to take you back to the years when first Jesuits and Capuchins entered into Nepal and started their mission work. That time Malla’s regime was there and ruling in Kathmandu valley. They gave freedom to preach, to share the good news and do social work like medical camp, teaching English, Science and Mathematics. During those time many Nepali from newari background change their faith and religion and came into Christianity. Those days Holy Spirit was working through capuchin and Jesuits fathers. At present Holy Spirit is working through his chosen people the elected one whom he called for the ministry and for to be his children. So, by the help of Holy Spirit fathers were able to bring people into new faith. We can see in history almost 50 families were converted that time. While people were growing and converting their faith Brahamins were very opposed and against of Christianity. So, during the reign of King Prithivi Narayan Shah due to the jealousy of Brahamins and his governors, king issued a decree and band Christianity and the European fathers to enter into Nepal and do Christian activities.

Therefore from that time for almost 200 years Christianity and for missionaries Nepal’s door was closed. They were not able to do any Christian activities inside the country and nor can we see the growth of Christianity and churches in Nepal.

In spite the closed door of Nepal in India’s border the Christianity was growing because of the freedom of British Government for European citizens and for western Fathers.

So, after 1950’s we can see the great Christian movement because of British Government in India. By that time India was under the rule of British Government and was free. For many religion and mission work by seeing the great advantage of this freedom in India many mission organizations and missionaries came to India. Some came to India and Nepal border and started the mission work by starting mission schools, hospital and helping through social works.

사진 2- 네팔에서 2번째 큰도시 비라트나갈 복음장막교회 말씀증거

By the hard work of many different foreign missionaries in the border areas of India, like Rexoul, Nautanwa, Darjeeling many migrant Nepali people came to know about good news and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal God. Darjeeling was the best place for missionaries to start their mission work for Nepali people. Through Darjeeling many Nepali people went back to their own native land to share the gospel about Jesus Christ and to start what they have learnt.

From that time on words Christianity in Nepal is growing every day.

“The church in Nepal continues to flourish amid pressure as a remarkable, indigenous movement; The church is growing in numbers, diversity and maturity”.

After the establishment of Democracy in 18th Feb 1951 the new environment prompted the entry of Christian and gradually churches and Christianity began to form and increase.

Therefore with the political change in 1951 A.D Nepal opened its doors to the outside world and Christianity. They were not allowed by the government directly to engage themselves in religious activities but were asked to help in the development process of the country. Though the witness and contribution of individual missionaries and the prayer of Christians worldwide definitely contributed to the promotion of Christianity in Nepal.

After the hard work of missionaries and Nepali leaders in Tansen, Tansen church had begun in 1958. But after many year in the period of Panchayat regime Christians activities was illegal. But in this illegal and persecution time Christianity was growing in the every village and cities of Nepal. The period of persecution prompted the growth of Christianity and churches. In the beginning it was limited with the fellowship but later it grew and became churches.

Through the faith of simple but dedicated people Christianity in Nepal came into existence.

The persecution in the form of physical punishment and imprisonment could not stop the growth of Christianity during 1960 A.D.

After the year from 1960-1990 is marked as a persecution time for the Nepali Christian in Nepali Church History. Persecution plays the vital role to increase Christianity in Nepal.

We can say persecution period was the golden age for Christianity to increase. Government used many different ways to crush Christianity but that persecution served as a means for the growth of God’s kingdom. Churches began to grow slowly but steadily. Persecution served as a refiner. Persecution thus became an antidote to the Rice- Christian syndrome. Churches began to grown throughout Nepal.

Many attempts were made to eradicate Christianity from Nepal. The religious policy of the Panchayat Regime was very oppressive and extremely hostile to Christianity. The government was bent upon stamping out Christianity with a very heavy hand. But this did not deter Christians from living and doing their work faithfully, nor from sharing their new found faith with friends and families even at the risk of their lives.

사진 3- 선교건축헌금전달

After the persecution education and the employment also plays the important role to increase Christianity in Nepal. In ancient time there were no opportunity for higher education in Nepal, So many young people migrated abroad for higher education and work. While studying and working in abroad some came into contact with Christianity and embraced Christianity. After finishing their studies they returned home and used to share their faith with their family members, relatives and others. However, likewise the Christianity grew up in numbers in Nepal and not abroad countires.

Now a days thousands of young people go to South Korea through EPCS for a job. There, they meet with Christians and change their faith while working in South Korea. But not only in South Korea people are travelling to many other nations for job like Middle East, Europe, UK, USA, German etc. These migrants’ workers are from different back ground, casts and religions.

In Nepal the important factor in attracting people to Christianity was the physical healing of people from sickness. From the beginning when missionary entered into Nepal they start doing social work like education and medical camps. From the medical camps many people got healed and know about good news from those Fathers. That time many Nepali especially from Newar tribe people were converted into Christianity. Now also at present we can hear many effective and heart touching testimony of people those who were healed from physical sickness and spiritual sickness. One of the example is my family. Who is converted from the healing of my elder sister’s from physical and spiritual sickness.

Now in this Now in this 21st century many healing crusades and seminars are organizing every year in Nepal. From healing crusade many get healing from physical sickness, and freed from demon poses, alcoholism, drug addiction, and released from other mental problem and finally accept Saviour Lord Jesus Christ.

But healing is not only the way to increase Christianity in Nepal. Some people they came to know Jesus Christ and his Gospel in search of peace like Chandra Leela. Another reason to increase Christianity in Nepal is to have quest for peace. Finally they found peace in Jesus Christ who is the prince of peace and some were converted by seeing the dream of Jesus Christ coming in a white robe.

Dr. Rajendra K. Rongong mentioned that “transformation in personal life after one becomes a Christian and healing from sickness after being prayed for, are often the reasons people come to believe”. He also noted in his book that John Barclay 11, who served with UMN from 1988 to 1996, summarized the main factors that led to the growth of churches in Nepal. <From GMC Missionary Report 2016>

사진 4- 건축시작(5월29일) 할렐루야! 선교헌금감사



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